February 18, 2015

Arman Dollhouse


The French artist Arman first received critical attention in the late 1950s for his Accumulations and Poubelle works, in which he stuffed plexiglass vitrines with as many identical objects or garbage as he could fit, respectively. Violins, mussel shells, hammers, that sort of thing. He then proceeded to beat this concept into the ground by repeating it until the day he died, in 2005.

This work, a dollhouse stuffed with dollhouse furniture titled Interior Architecture, is from right in the middle of his career, 1981.If we're feeling charitable, or if you need a little push to bid, we could call this period the apex of his career. Otherwise it is a dollhouse stuffed with dollhouse furniture for maybe $15,000.

05 Mar 2015 | Lot 115, Arman, INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE, Est. USD15,000 -- 20,000 [sothebys]

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