February 14, 2015

Lynx Eventer, AKA Jaguar XJ-S Shooting Brake



Here is a Jaguar Lynx Eventer, an XJ-S converted from new by Lynx into a shooting brake. 67 were made. This is number 20. It's from 1984. Here is number 40, from 1988, which gives you a sense of their popularity at the time.


I think they're pretty gorgeous. The single rear glass on the Lynx looks better than the split glass on this purple XJ-S conversion DT ran in 2007. Now I wonder who did that one. [Ooh, maybe it's one of the French or Belgian counterfeit Lynxes.] Also the rear seat and rear storage space are surprising. I remember being shoehorned into the back of an XJ-S once as a kid, and this seems like an improvement.

The only thing rarer than Eventers is Eventer buyers, as they are traded pretty regularly; Google results turn up one or two for sale or auction every year. So maybe not an impulse purchase; shop around. On the other hand, a £35,000 - 40,000 estimate seems lower than recent examples, so maybe this is the one.

Feb. 21, Lot 309: 1984 Lynx Eventer XJS, est. £35,000 - 40,000 [silverstoneauctions via dt shooting brake sharpshooter dt]

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