January 30, 2015

Kanye Can Get The Toddler Bean Boots


Wait. What is on North's feet? Are those actual Bean Boots? Where'd they come from? Bean hasn't made toddler-sized duck boots for a loong time. I've been searching for a pair for so long, my kids have both grown past them.

The smallest pair I've ever found, the kid only grew into them when she was like 8yo.

If West's just sending out his stylist armies to scorch and pillage the kidswear earth, then history will condemn him. If Nori wearing these in the new vid gets LL Bean to make tiny actual duck boots again, then Ye is using his power for good; may he lead us out of this rainbow splatter painted rubber boot hellscape and into a new throwback day.


Or maybe they're just Kamik boots, or some knockoffs, or--I can't tell, this joint's pretty low-res.

UPDATE/LETDOWN: DT's Northern Border correspondent DT suggests they might be from Gap Kids. Or Gap Kids Canada:


Still from Spike Jonze's "Only One" video [kanyewest.com via @alexismadrigal
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previously, like 2008: LL Bean Booties

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