January 30, 2015

DT Friday Freakout: Measles, What Else? Edition

Oh man oh man, how can this week's freakout be about anything but measles and vaccines?

  • What matters is "herd immunity." Unvaccinated people relying on vaccinated people around them to keep the disease from spreading. Including people who can't get vaccinated, like immune-compromised people and kids under 12mo. [vox]

  • A Marin County dad of a kid with leukemia is asking the school system to keep unvaccinated kids from attending. There are apparently schools in Marin where 50% of the kids are unvaccinated. [nyt]

  • "If my kid can't bring peanut butter to school, yours shouldn't be able to bring preventable diseases." [@kkjordan's twitter via kottke]

  • Most US measles cases since 2000 are linked to unvaccinated people traveling abroad, picking up measles, and bringing it back to the US. Like what caused the massive outbreak among Amish in Ohio in 2014. [vox]

  • The virus is incredibly durable and will infect unvaccinated people for hours after the initial hit. [theverge]

  • Like how the NY State Health Department says that anyone without confirmed vaccinations who rode an Amtrak train last Sunday, on Jan. 25, from NYC to Albany, when a Bard College student with measles rode it, should check with their doctor. [nbcnewyork]

  • Even with the vacctivist nonsense, the majority of unvaccinated kids are poor, or their working parents can't take them to the doctor. SO WHY NOT SET UP VACCINATION STATIONS IN SCHOOLS? Just sayin'.

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