January 29, 2015

MODERNCHILD Closing Sale This Week

I am very bummed at the news that the online shop Modernchild is closing. Tien was a pioneer and a great supporter of modern and independent kids design, and she has a terrific eye. It was an honor to have Modernchild as an advertiser over the years on Daddy Types, and I wish her success and satisfaction in her next adventure.

MEANWHILE, HOP TO, SCORE SOME GREAT STUFF, AND HELP AN INDEPENDENT RETAILER OUT. Modernchild is having a closing sale for the next three days. There is an additional 30% off using the CLOSING code at checkout.


Among the standouts: interesting-looking source books on kindergarten and preschool design. Kids clothing from Makie, a great Japanese designer in SoHo whose stuff we've loved for years. This handmade black outfit for a 12mo is typical, and now it's like $50, 70% off.


There are a few of Nicola Edeler's hand-felted dresses and jackets left, including this blazer, in sizes 4-6yo, for, srsly, $30, just $20 with the checkout code. There are various cool onesies and such, too, definitely worth a look through.

MODERNCHILD Closing Sale [modernchild.net]

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