January 23, 2015

DT Friday Freakout: Arsenic Edition

The Daddy Types Friday Freakout is a compendium of news stories from the worlds of science, health, and parenting, saved up during the week and unleashed here all at once to freak. you out:

  • Though one could easily say, "There's arsenic in rice, and now it's in us!" and be done with this link, Heather Abel's essay is a wonderful, thoughtful, and constructive look at the freakout process itself, and thus, our existence as parents and humans. Read it all. [nyt]

  • Doctors, hospitals, birthing centers, midwives, doulas, everybody, should work to intervene less and to make childbirth less manipulated and stressful. Really, it's mostly the doctors and hospitals who need to chill. [childbirthconnection.org via nyt]

  • How serious is the Disney Measles outbreak? Disney is telling unvaccinated kids to stay away from Disneyland. That's like half the population of O.C. these days. guardian]

  • There are dozens of villages in India where a girl hasn't been born for years. Some regions have 2:1 boy-to-girl ratios, which is insane. [indiatimes]

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