January 20, 2015

We Are Easily Amused: British Buggy Bidders Bonkers


The UK has found its next Susan Boyle, and it's a dad of three trying to unload a beat-up Phil & Ted's stroller on eBay. A viral media frenzy has eruptedover seller ukjoel25's auction, which has received 564 inquiries in less than days, and currently includes four pages of questions, comments, and chastisement, with an s. With more than seven days to go, bidding stands at £154,200.

Which he'll never see, of course. He's dreaming a dream his auction would be much better than this hell he's living. No one will follow through, and instead of a quiet, simple Paypal transaction and a quick local pickup, this poor guy's gonna have to endure a bunch of tabloid phonetapping, have TV trucks parked in front of his house all week, and ultimately have go on the UK equivalent of Ellen to get paid, all because he finally listened to his wife last weekend, and started cleaning out the garage.

Seven days more.

Phil and teds green explorer double, current bid £154,200, local pickup only, auction ends Jan 29 [ebay uk via dt reader nathan]

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