January 17, 2015

'Handcrafted With Lots of Fun In Thailand' Until They Folded


Indeed. Some internet digging on the "Urban Oasis" visible on the label turns up a toy and accessories company called Nook Nook was havin' a blastselling patchworky stuffed animals on an iBooks bookshelf-lookin' website.


According to Mari's excited 2011 post at smallforbig,

Each item is handmade by a family-run workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand and supports the amazing skills inherent to people of the area. The quirky fabric combinations are uber-charming [!! heart emoji smiley face]
Yeah well, looks like the fun ended last fall. Sadface emoji.

a little look at handmade nook nook [smallforbig]
Sept 2014 | nook nook critter dolls! [captured via internet archive]

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