January 16, 2015

DT Friday Freakout: Naptime Edition

Oh things are piling up; there will be more to freakout about this weekend, just let me get back to my laptop. But even if it were the only one, this first breaking announcement from the world of pediatric development would do the trick:

  • A study of 6- to 24mos show that learning and naptime are linked. Kids learn if they nap after, and don't if they don't. This will be your greatest motivator and your deepest source of stress. Good luck. [pnas.org Via dt guru dt]

  • BPA may have been a baby-brain-damaging chemical in all our plastics and food containers, so there was an outcry, and it has been replaced with BPS, which may be a worse baby-brain-damaging chemical in all our plastics and food containers. [washpost]

  • "A lot of the alternative chemicals have not been adequately tested because they don't have to be," said lead author [on the BPS paper] Deborah Kurrasch. "A compound is considered safe (by the FDA) until proven otherwise." [ibid, also wtf]

  • Villagers in Denmark have agreed to make more babies to keep their amazing public parental and childcare services open in their little towns. [theguardian, via your mom, no pressure, just sayin']

  • The Disneyland Measles are spreading to you and your otherwise desirable demographic. [theguardian]

  • And by you, I mean the wealthy, educated and foolish people who are not getting your kids vaccinated, especially in Southern California, where the cases now total 51. [latimes]

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