January 14, 2015

Philippe Starck Baby Name Generator

Nothing has prepared me--not even blogging about his kid-related designs for 11 years--I tell you nothing has prepared me for the datapoints coming in about Philippe Starck as an actual parent. For example, this bit Simon flagged, which was originally published in the Times of London in 2012:


I woke up with my wife and baby of six months on the small island of Burano in Venice, where we have a lighthouse. We took our breakfast on the terrace of one of the best restaurants in the world, Da Romano. I had one organic apple and fresh pomegranate juice, and a cookie made by the bakery next door. Then I started designing a new, affordable moped.
Burano is a schlep from Venice Venice, but still. Looking into this lighthouse situation, I found this 2008 Men's Vogue article [pdf] on Starck's website. First, it says he has 21 houses, which seems like just too many, even in early 2008. On a purely logistical basis, never mind the economics or ethics. And he has several houses on Burano, because houses on Burano are all tiny. But I think he does not actually own the lighthouse; it's just that there is one. "We have" here refers to "We, the Buranesi." Fine.


"(He has four children from his previous marriages: Ara, 29, Oa, 12, K, 5, and Lago, 4. Their names were all randomly chosen by a computer program that he invented.)"

Philippe Starck invented a baby name generating app. 35 years ago. And as recently as 2003 it was still kickin' out names like K.

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