January 9, 2015

DT Friday Freakout: Measles Is Coming For Your Unvaccinated Children Edition

Here at Daddy Types we don't like to play by publicists' and TV news' rules, stringing you along with one anxiety-inducing science, news, health, and parenting story after another, details tonight at 11, learn how after the break! Parenting's stressful enough. Instead, we bundle them up into one blog post designed to ruin just your weekend. It's called the DT Friday Freakout. And here it is:

  • Measles is spreading. The Disneyland measles outbreak is spreading, as unvaccinated and infected people go to hospitals with long-uncommon-and-almost-entirely-avoidable ailments and gather together to discuss how smart they are for not vaccinating their kids because of something they read once on FB about autism or whatever. [latimes]

  • Oh hey, you know what does cause autism now? Circumcision! It also causes ADHD. Danish doctors say it's related to the lifelong stress impact of a single painful injury. dailymail via dt reader taylor]

  • Reading to your kids makes them read more and have a better vocabulary. [nyt]

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Here is a dad who had been held hostage along with his son by terrorist gunmen in a kosher grocery store in Paris, so in the scheme of things, maybe your week wasn't so bad after all. [@libdexpression's twitter]

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