December 26, 2014

Paulsberg Concrete Toy Trucks Belong On Grownup Desk


Here are a gorgeous toy cement mixer and a steamroller from Studio Paulsberg of Dredsen. They are made from actual concrete. The word for concrete in German is Beton, just like in French.

You can learn these words now, but you should probably write them down. When the kid learns to throw, and beans you in the brain with a small handmade concrete toy, you will probably have to start learning the basics like speaking all over again. Assuming you come to at all.

Buy a Petite Rouleau Compressor or a Petite Bétonneuse, in either light or dark concrete, because it's Dresden, and the tone of your concrete matters, for 89,00 € each. Email for int'l shipping. [ via gizmodo thx dt reader rolf]

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