December 21, 2014

The Most Maddening Part Of Parenting Is Definitely Copyright

Susan Copich's Domestic Bliss photographs look like pathological, dystopian stock photography, a Stepford Cindy Sherman, about as funny as an electrocution in the tub. I hope she makes a million dollars from them.

They've been turning up on various websites who have a more nuanced view of copyright, ranging from the brazenly infringey to the fairest of uses. I was going to post one here, but between the images and this text

All Artworks on this Website are Copyright © by Artist Susan Copich and may not be copied, linked to, distributed, downloaded, modified, reused, reposited, reproduced or otherwise used without express written permission.
Ima take a pass. Also, I wouldn't want to upset her by linking to her site, so you'll have to copy [!!] and paste [!!!!] the url yourself.

Domestic Bliss [ via dt reader nathan, who I'm not necessarily saying he included one of the photos as an attachment in an email, because that might be all copyrighty.]

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