December 18, 2014

Eames For Vintage Kids

Some magic Eames moments from my recent immersion in the archives of esoteric survey:


Here is Baby Valastro perched on the family's red CTM coffee table. The Valastros used their wedding money in 1954 to buy a houseful of Eames furniture, which they lived with for 50 years. JF Chen bought it all, and David Ostroff made a book documenting their modernist life.[pics here]

And here's a snapshot from an Eames for Kids roundup which I assume is an actual Eames Kid? That does not compute. How old are Lucia's kids? Does this make the giant rooster mask a grandparent project. HAHA, NO, turns out the Eameses made whimsical animal masks for a 1951 LIFE Magazine photoshoot with Allan Grant. These must have been local urchins gathered from the streets and vacant lots of Pacific Palisades. Google is our friend.

Eames / Valastro [esotericsurvey]
Eames / For Kids [ibid]

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