December 16, 2014

OG Craig Ellwood Bunk Beds


In 1955-7, Jerrold Lomax, working at Craig Ellwood's architecture firm, designed basically the greatest Southern California modernist beach house ever: the 2BR, 1,350-sq ft Hunt House in Malibu.


Ellwood's firm also designed the amazing bunk beds seen above, in vintage photos from Beautiful Homes and Gardens in California.

Whoever grew up sleeping in those beds apparently survived, because the house didn't come up for sale until 2012, which is when the modern design gurus from Esoteric Survey visited, and found the bed was still there, with only the slightest of alterations: a safety rail made from a small piece of wire. Perhaps it was the strut from an old lawn chair, or a coat hanger.


Here is a contemporary photo of the beds, with Trina Turk linens trying and failing to flatter the bloated mattresses of our day. We really do need to get back to simpler mattress times. If only for the children.

For the full Hunt House Experience: Ellwood - Hunt House | Inside [esotericsurvey]
Craig Ellwood / Trina Turk [esotericsurvey]

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