December 9, 2014

Meet The Kinder Modern Patinator


It feels like more of a Style section piece, or maybe a Home section feature about product lines and Stuff, but even though there are no prices or renovation costs, the NY Times has put this nice story about Kinder Modern's Lora Appleton in the Real Estate section.

What stands out for me, though, is not Adam Stegner's Pagholz molded ply chair, or the blue-stained McCobb dresser--it must have been in really bad shape, so why not??--it's that at Kinder Modern you can buy your kid's vintage with confidence, knowing that each piece has had its patina tested and professionally enhanced by Appleton's 5yo son Willem. #servicey.

At Lora Appleton's Place, the Living Is Rambunctious [nyt]
Previously:OG French School Desk at Kinder Modern

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