December 2, 2014

Tiny Female Architect Count At Tiny Modernism


Archinect is running a giveaway for Tiny Modernism, the architecture-themed onesie sublabel of Alex & Kaori Walter's Belly Sesame kids clothing collection.

To win, all you need to do is, by Dec. 8, "tell us which dream combination of any four architects (dead or alive) would adorn your t-shirt." Go ahead and enter if you want, if the winner isn't


the fix is obviously in.

I heartily approve of a Nakagin Tower t-shirt, though, for kids of all genders who want to live alone in deteriorating futuristic pods:


Win a Tiny Modernism 'designer shirt' for your future architects [archinect via @langealexandra]
Tiny Modernism merch for tiny men [sic], $25 [tinymodernism]
Belly Sesame other graphically designed kidswear [bellysesame]

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