November 29, 2014

I Can't Even The Sunday Slacker Onesie


I will confess, I've had this screencap of the Sunday Slacker Onesies on my desktop for months now--since May!--scavenged from my Twitter feed, unblogged about. I just literally could not even.

And I still can't. But then yesterday someone else tweeted about their giant onesie. Someone I never would have imagined would even.

So I clicked through. And there is a thing called "#SocialCurrency" that lets you "Pay with your followers!" Apparently I have been pimped out by someone I barely know for a grownup-sized infant pajama from Norway.

Well if this is how the Gerber Infant Clothing Company's trademark on the term Onesie is going to be destroyed, tossed into a Norwegian pit of Idiocratic slacker fire, with a trademark on the name OnePiece to arise from its ashes, that's fine, but I want no part of it.

LOLOLOL: "OnePiece® Jumpsuits - The Norwegian Original Onesie...The OnePiece name, jumpsuits and logo are registered trademarks and designs of OnePiece Jump In AS" [no link, are you kidding me?]

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