October 20, 2014

Adorable Dutch Urchins Wearing Garbage, By Ed Van Der Elsken


Halloween costume production has kicked into high gear around the DTHQ; ideas were locked down weeks ago, followed by concept, design and shopping, and this weekend, sewing/construction. [Legolas and a poofy ballerina witch, btw.]

But the point is, this is not a competition, and you still have plenty of time to pull a rockin' costume together. For example, if you have access to a pile of recycling, you could dress the kid up as a Dutch street urchin, like this happy trio shot by Ed van der Elsken in 1961. The photo was taken on

Van der Elsken's apparently iconic 1984 book of postwar Dutch street photography, Amsterdam!, was republished earlier this year, and the Municipal Archive of Amsterdam held an exhibition of vintage prints, Ed van der Elsken Oude Fotos, 1947-70, which just closed.

Ed van der Elsken Oude Fotos, 1947-70 [stadsarchief.amsterdam.nl]
Buy the new English reissue of Ed Van Der Elsken - Amsterdam! at Amazon [amazon]

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