September 24, 2014

Richard Neutra Bunkbeds Are Back In Stock


Kids! They just keep growing up.

The bunkbeds Richard Neutra designed in 1959 for the Singleton House in Bel-Air, which got ripped out by Vidal Sassoon's upgrade-mad wife, and sold in 2009, have apparently been outgrown, and are heading back to auction next month.

Amazingly, after five years, they look exactly the same, right down to the puppy. Those kids must must wear white gloves to bed. So yeah, get that condition report.

Oct 12, 2014: Lot 385 Richard Neutra Bunkbed, est. $5,000-7,000 [lamodern]
Previously: Good Price, Bad Karma: Richard Neutra Bunk Beds

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