August 31, 2014

Area High-End Woodsman Wears Kid On Back


One of the 1,200 high-end culture experiences on the globally curious digital storytelling platform Nowness is a short film about visceral artist Elias Hansen, who is not one of the Hanson Hansens, obviously, but who does chop down saplings with a bowie knife and shoot arrows with his kid on his back when he's not making blown glass and tree bark sculptures for art fairs.

This high-end culture experience was released last November, which probably means it was shot last summer, which means that kid's probably already kill't himself a bar by now.

Shorts on Sundays: Elias Hansen | Escape to Upstate New York With The Rough-Hewn Modern Sculptor, by Jeremy Liebman [nowness via @nowness]
Elias Hansen portfolio site [eliashansen]

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