August 15, 2014

Camargue Safari Land Rover


We went exploring in the Camargue today, the Meadowlands to Arles' Manhattan. In the best way possible, of course.

Anyway, we drove to the end of the road past Salin de Giraud, which has the last publicly accessible restrooms for 25km, btw, and it dead ended in a vast, salt & sand spit, covered with caravans and tents. It was Black Rock City by the Sea, minus the body paint, and plus wild horses and flamingos. So win win. Except, again, for the bathrooms, which were more Mad Max than Burning Man.

On the way back we stopped to take in a view of some. Massive salt mounds and evaporation fields, and I spied this awesome wagon, one of many rough and ready Land a Rover Defenders chugging their way around the South of France. So far, though, this is the only one with a Citroen 2Cv-style rollback sunroof. Strip the livery and send it home, please.

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