August 4, 2014

Ugly Children's Clothing Really Isn't

I'm still waiting to find out that "Ugly" is Norwegian for "adorably hip," like how "Die Bart Die" is actually German, and just means "The Bart, The." Because otherwise, the Ugly Children's Clothing Company has long outgrown its apparent "crazy uncle" origins, and now they're making some cool stuff. For Norway.


Right now, when the sun never goes down, the ugliest they can manage is probably the Hawaii print onesies and stuff. And those aren't even that ugly.


This denim dress is downright awesome, though charging EUR50 for an "Activist" collection to celebrate the hardworking men and women who came before us, does hint at the harsher, if not uglier, side of capitalism.


For that kind of money, maybe it's best to stick with the classics, the Norsiest thing possible, the iconic Marius sweater, made into bodysuits and rompers, in red, white, or blue merino wool. You could park your kid & his stroller on the patio for the entire year of your paid paternity leave, and he'd be warm as toast.

The Ugly Children's Clothing Co, of Norway []

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