July 23, 2014

Wot Wot? The Allard P-2 Safari Estate


For the shooting brake enthusiast for whom the custom Aston Martin DB6 wagon is too predictable, there is this: the Allard P-2 Safari Estate.

To say it was in production between 1952 and 1954 is a bit generous, since only 10 were ever made. Unlike the DB6 shooting brake, the 2-door Allard actually had seating for six in a 2-1-3 configuration that featured a rather ridiculously scrunched up jump seat.

Such an odd, motley, amusing, and relatively cheap car, especially for being so rare. So rare and so cheap, in fact, that the one above didn't sell at Classic Car's auction in 2012. For all we know, it may still be punting around Newbury with a FOR SALE sign in the ash-framed window as I type.

Lot Number: 52
1954 Allard P2 'Safari' Estate Car, unsold
P-2 Safari Estate [allardregister.org via the estimable estate espion, DT]
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