July 17, 2014

That's No Lactation Room


I've had these lactation room stories sitting here in my tabs for weeks now, hoping they'll all get better. But I don't think they do!

Abe Sauer wrote about the difficulties facing working moms in Minnesota, where companies like Wal-Mart and McDonald's are variously dealing with or ignoring new workplace regulations that give women the right to a private, electricity-equipped space to use a breast pump. You have to click through, if only to see the amazing lactation tents at the Pine County Fair.

And just a couple of days before, KUOW listeners around Seattle had assembled a huge slideshow of their lactation spaces, ranging from the postively spa-like to, well, KUOW's own lactation room, above. The flowers really, really are not helping.


The Death Star-lookin' yoga ball, on the other hand, is totally killing it. More like this please!

Breastpumping moms gain new rights -- but does Minnesota's new 'Women's Security' law have enough teeth? [minnpost]
Lactation Rooms Around Seattle and Beyond [kuow.org]

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