July 11, 2014

Hey, That Girl

Hey girl, Judith Butler encourages us to use camp to expose gender so I am wearing a pink ducky onesie today.


Hey girl, I think I'm going vegan as soon as I stop breastfeeding.


Hey girl, I'm really glad my mom was able to decide whether and when to have me because she had access to reproductive health services, but I know that speaks to the privilege into which I was born 17 days ago.

Speaking of Oedipus, I read through the whole Feminist Ryan Gosling's Baby--which, who has time to make a tumblr anymore?--thinking it was the sensitive feminist baby talking to his mother, not another baby. So that's complicated.

This is our generation's Free To Be...You & Me, people. Let's make this happen.

Feminist Ryan Gosling's Baby [feministing via dt reader kyle]
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