July 2, 2014

Man Insane, Kid In Footwell

We interrupt this not freaking out about news stories phase to bring you this important announcement: Some insane 27yo dad got arrested doing 150mph in a Mercedes 320--a 320!--in England last September, trying to make a 5-hour drive from Hull to Dover to catch the last ferry to the continent:

Cambridgeshire Police said that when officers got to the car, they found a woman in the passenger seat, while in the back were six-month old twins in car seats facing forwards and not secured with seatbelts, a one-year-old girl asleep on the seat between the twins, and a two-year-old boy in the footwell.
Is that off the charts crazy?? Being 27 with four kids in three years? Oh right, by doing 150mph in a Mercedes 320!

Reckless driver caught doing 150mph with four kids in the car - NONE wearing seatbelts [mirror.co.uk via dt racing correspondent dt]

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