June 28, 2014

DT Friday Freakout: Contagion Edition

The Daddy Types Friday Freakout is apparently on summer hours:

  • With nutritional standards based on adults from 1968, fortified cereals are not part of kids' balanced breakfast, says a study. [usatoday]

  • The Amish were refusing vaccines before refusing vaccines was cool, and now they've got a raging measles outbreak. And are rushing to get vaccinated. [npr]

  • The US is basically the Mississippi of paid parental leave policy, at the bottom of the world list, announced the White House at a Working Families Summit this week, which sounds like a great policy agenda for the next few weeks. [whitehouse.gov]

  • Also President Obama broke out of the Summit for a burrito bowl, and totally reached over the sneezeguard at one of our four neighborhood Chipotles, which is just weird, stay on the other side of the sneezeguard.

  • Which, if you wait until Friday to do freakout roundups, you see that every two-bit TV talking head freaks out over the exact same thing, and really, how much of the news is just corporations trying to manipulate our emotional reactions to keep us outraged and glued to the screen, watching disability scooter ads? [eater]

  • Facebook secretly manipulated the feeds of 600,000 users in an attempt to induce and study "emotional contagion." [avclub; methodological takedown by psychcentral]

  • Sarah Boxer has a good, long read about why are all the mothers in all the animated films dead, and is this some kind of good-father-as-savior nipple envy fantasy? But she doesn't really find the solution, and so we're left with Elastigirl to save us all. [theatlantic]

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