June 20, 2014

Ikea Bag Raincoat Hack


Ikeahackers has been through a lot of crap recently, thanks to Ikea's overzealous, underthinking lawyers, who threatened the pioneering customer community site with trademark violation lawsuits unless they changed their name to WHATEVERWEDONTCAREASLONGASITSNOTIKEAhackers or something. Someone in the company got a clue, fortunately, and the lawyers backed off, so all is well. I think. But the crisis gave people a chance to rally, and to fave some projects.

Like this cute little kid's raincoat, which Sarina in Australia made from an Ikea bag.

Now i just noticed Sarina's hand in the bottom of this picture, and wow, this coat is really small. Also, apparently the hood doesn't quite go all the way around. And there's a V-neck, which is sort of a dealbreaker in the raincoat industry. But you get the idea, you have some details, and now you can move the concept forward yourself.

In fact, a few years ago, I did make a raincoat out of Ikea bags. Technically, I had it made, by a master seamstress wizard friend of my mom's. It went to a show in Milan which Andy from Reference Library and Stork Bites Man curated one year. Mine turned out to be too big, but it was a good start. Gotta find that thing.

Kid's raincoat from an Ikea bag [ikeahackers.net via gizmodo, thanks dt reader rolf]

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