June 19, 2014

Kristof Kintera Bulletproof Stroller In Basel


Prague-born artist Kristof Kintera's 2007 work, Bad Innovation In The Name Of Protection, is included in his exhibition I AM NOT YOU, which just opened at the Museum Tinguely in Basel, Switzerland. It is basically an armored stroller, made of camo-painted bulletproof glass, powdercoated steel, and [actual] stroller wheels.

Also in the show, a full array of his more widely known Talkmen, preschooler-sized animatronic figures which Kintera has deployed to babble and yell about things, walk around, and, as seen here in Revolution (2005), to bash their heads against a wall. Revolution is on YouTube.

Kristof Kintera | I AM NOT YOU | through 28 Sept 2014 [tinguely.museum]
Kristof Kintera portfolio site [kristofkintera.com]

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