June 6, 2014

DT Friday Freakout

News piles up during the week, news from the worlds of parenting, science, health, politics, education, &c., that's designed to get your attention by freaking you out. Here at Daddy Types, we like to help parents sail through the week carefree, by bundling those stories into one, giant, weekend-ruining post: the DT Friday Freakout:

  • One way to bake the freakout into parenting is to call something a disease. Something normal like spitting up. A UMich study found that calling spitting up Gastro-Intestinal Reflux Disorder caused significantly more parents to want drug prescriptions, any drug prescriptions, even ineffective drug prescriptions, just HELP MY BABY. [aap via NYT]

  • The "maternal instinct" is really the "parental instinct," this study from Israel of dads' hormones found. [sciencemag.org]

  • Fathers matter, finds this guy's book about a bunch of studies, Do Father's Matter? [uh, SPOILER ALERT?

  • nyt]

  • If anyone was wondering lately about the amount of force needed to crush a human skulll--hey, it could happen!--a U of IL bike helmet study found that crushing a kid's skull would take 235kg, or 2,300 newtons of force. [the journal neuroscience: pediatrics; via sciencealert.com.au explainer on the science of crushing skulls with your bare hands]

  • Of these 8 "science-based" books about pregnancy "for science-savvy ladies," From The Hips sounds the most interesting. I'm sure they're all as good as Maggie says. [boingboing, which wraps its amazon affiliate links in goo.gl shorteners for some reason. DT doesn't. Go ahead and throw us a bone if you want to.]

  • Here's a great look at the depressing state of lactation rooms and the rights of working moms in Minnesota. More to come on this in a separate post, I think. [minnpost]

  • More men are staying home to take care of kids because, a survey finds. [nyt]

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