May 28, 2014

Jade Jagger Climbing Out Of A Sunroof While Bob Colacello Snaps Pictures


Here is Bob Colacello's 1974 photo of three-year-old Jade Jagger climbing out of a sunroof of a Mercedes at the old Montauk airport after a "weekend drawing with Andy Warhol."

While we're all relieved to know that Jade survived, attended school with my wife, is currently expecting her third child, and just last week became a grandmother [!] when her oldest daughter [now 21] gave birth to a healthy baby girl, we can also clearly see that Bob Colacello was the Warhol crowd's fun-loving, fabulous gay uncle, who even hustlers, junkies and rock stars knew not to let babysit their kids.

Bob Colacello | Jade Jagger on Sunroof, est. $3,000-5,000, auction ends June 5 [paddle8]

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