May 28, 2014

It's Just A Toke: Bob Colacello Giving Emerson Forth A Joint


Writer, Interview editor, nightlife gadabout, and Warhol frienployee Bob Colacello is auctioning off a bunch of stuff. Including this 1972-3 snapshot by an unknown hand, showing Bob passing a joint to young Emerson Forth, the son of Warhol Superstar Jane Forth and Eric Emerson.

Jane first appeared in Paul Morrissey's 1970 film Trash alongside [heh] Joe Dallesandro, with whom she was friendly. In a 2012 interview she recalled holding playdates with their kids together, and cooking dinners in the Factory.

While we are concerned now in our enlightened era about the harm Colacello's dope habit inflicted on an innocent child, we can relax knowing that young Emerson Forth grew into an upstanding member of the acting profession, and invented the Hatchback Tattoo Machine, which features an adjustable spring saddle that allows you to control your throws, saddle, and spring tension on the fly with the turn of one screw.

And anyway Bob feels really bad about it now. Not so bad that he's not selling the photo, but still pretty bad.

Bob Giving Baby Emerson Forth a Joint, c. 1972-73, est. $200-300, auction ends June 5, 2014 []
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