May 23, 2014

Everything Is Amazon: The LEGO Movie Is Out Today


I'm no shill, and I'm getting kind of fed up with Amazon's monopolistic muscle flexing lately. But The LEGO Movie is out on Amazon Instant Video today, and I'll be damned, we bought and watched it.

Will I regret not buying it in HD, because they're like, oh we may degrade your download if it sticks? Not yet.

Buy The LEGO Movie for whatever streaming situation, about $15-20 [amazon]

June 10 update: oh man, Amazon is so annoying. They have apparently removed The Lego Movie from pre-order as part of a contract dispute with Warner Brothers Home Video. It is difficult when a significant portion of DT's revenue comes from affiliate links to a retailers and that retailer behaves in ways that make me want to take down all the links to them and stop shopping there. Damn you, money and convenience!

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