May 23, 2014

DT Friday Freakout Bed Stuy Edition

for full-sized image: nydn

Rather than hype every science and parenting-related press release when it comes out, Daddy Types saves them up and dumps them on you all at once, so you can freakout for one day and be done with it. It's the DT Friday Freakout:

  • Placentas are not sterile after all, but instead provide a vital incubator for the kid's microbiome, which people used to say was picked up on the trip through the vagina [yay!] or skipped with a C-section, dooming a kid to a lifetime of colds and flus [boo!], a study finds. [nyt]

  • Brooklyn moms were "pumped up" and "gushing" that they now have "a designated place in the borough" to breastfeed: a public lactation room in the Bed Stuy city councilman's office. Is it just me, or should they stage a nurse-in in that Applebee's instead? [nydn]

  • Also, Stokke Xplory is the stroller of gentrification. I saw so many in NYC this week, very unexpected.

  • Please. Understanding that non-violent, non-arbitrary consequences that relate directly to the negative behavior are much more effective in helping a kid learn how to manage himself and make better decisions is not anarcho-libertarian Austro-economics. [medium]

  • I saw a freaked out headline somewhere this week about how all we do now is judge peoples' parenting harshly and unfairly and let's cut ourselves some slack, hmm? But now I can't find it. So we'll have to wait a week for the next one.

  • There's been a huge spike in the number of kids brought to the ER in Colorado after accidentally ingesting marijuana baked goods. Actually there have been seven, mostly ages 3-7. Keep the grownup brownies and gummies on the top shelf, people. We can make this thing work without sending the kids into respiratory arrest. []

  • 10,000 2-3yos are being prescribed Ritalin or Adderall for their ADHD, or as it used to be called, being 2-3yo. This is the most screwed up thing on this page today. [nyt]

  • If you've got a celiac/gluten thing to manage, then you probably did not wait for DT to freak out over the recent "Is gluten really a thing?" FODMAPS study. This guy's refutation of the study doesn't reassure me much, though. Maybe the gluten-autism shoutout did me in. []

  • Maybe we'll all get on board with pervasive surveillance of our entire lives and world if it occasionally results in video of a guy catching a falling baby? []

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