May 22, 2014

Goodnight Moderne: 1930 Ideal Home Exhibition Nursery


The Ideal Home Exhibition was an annual home tour run in the UK by the Daily Mail. In 1930, their concept for an ideal nursery included a Fritz Lang nanny sitting in a chunky, moderne-style chair, with fake Warren MacArthur dinette sets, and a baby in a fine wood sarcophagus.

The rocking goat in the corner does look promising, though. So there's that.

I wish there were a designer's name attached to any of this, so we could wtf them properly.

You know what, while we're poking around 1930s England looking for proto-modernist nurseries, let's check out this 1931 British Pathe newsreel of a house of the future in Amersham [never heard of it.] The unidentified architect has put the nursery and "children's garden" on the roof, and I'd say it generally works, sandbox and all.

This was the Nursery of the Future (sic) in 1930 [gizmodo via dt futurist rolf]

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