May 16, 2014

DT Friday Freakout: Frozen Edition

Rather than freak you out every day on s=some publicist's whim and agenda, here at Daddy Types we store up reports from the worlds of science, health, politics and parenting, and dump them on you all at once, to ruin just your weekend. It's a little feature we call the Friday Freakout:

  • Kids don't remember stuff from before they're like 3-4yo, because their brains are producing new neurons at such a hyped up pace. [vox]

  • Which kind of makes you wonder sometimes, doesn't it? What you're even doing it all for if the kid's just going to forget it all? Except you're doing it to affect their development, which doesn't wait till they're four. And also for the pictures.And to cash in on some of them viral YouTube videos.

  • A California judge is granting something called "presumed father status" to a guy who let his on-again, off-again girlfriend with whom he'd been trying to conceive, to use one of his sperm samples for IVF during one of their off-again phases. Then they got back together, were raising the kid together, split up, contested paternity of a sperm donor, which, the judge decided was a status he had surpassed in various ways so. Presumed father it is, then! [courthousenews via, dt reader kyle]

  • A meta-study of 1.3 million kids show that NONE of that stuff is associated with increased autism diagnosis. Not even--? Nope. What about-- Uh-uh. But surely-- Not that one, either. [forbes]

  • "desperate parents are turning to eBay, where, according to Bloomberg News, an original Elsa dress was recently offered for $1,600." HOW CAN IT BE ORIGINAL? IT IS A CARTOON! [nyt]

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