May 7, 2014

A Golden Treasury Of Punk Is Dad


It felt weird to not hear very much from the Milano Salone design fair this year. I may need to adjust my media diet. But while digging around for pictures, I stumbled across a horrifying window display from Diesel featuring a giant neon sign, "PUNK IS DAD," [Instagram user jazzinwoman's photo, above, is one of many]

Which set me to searching for other Punk Is Dad moments. Here are some, starting from less than zero, in ascending order of greatness:


Artist Eric Fleischauer contributed this digital image, Punk Is Dad, to the pseudo-conceptualist art tumblr The Jogging in 2013.

The Berlin Gyp-Hop band [? no idea] Ohrbooten has a track on their 2013 album called, "Punk Is Dad," but listening to it, it sounds to me like they're saying "punk is dead." Major points, though for, I think, rhyming it with "Farmer Ted."


Intrepid traveler Claire Stewart is one of many people who've snapped a photo of this Punk Is Dad stencil tag in Antalya, Turkey. Note that someone has written under it, "No It Is Not That," so there's still hope.


New York-based punk gender scholar Jamie Johns' first limited edition zine published with the LA-based Oso Press was a collection of "Original and appropriated images and texts that convey gendered dialogues in punk and noise-related media" called, Punk Is Dad. The jpgs are too small for me to make out anything in the zine itself, but you can still download an mp3 of the 19-track playlist. I'm listening to it now; it is very nostalgic.

But the big daddy of Punk Is Dad has to be Peter Nidzgorski, who has produced two of the greatest images for his tumblr This Isn't Happiness.


The first, above, uses noted Northern Irish punk photographer Ricky Adam's image as a source. Note how even the reflection in the puddle has been artfully reworked.


But Peteski's masterpiece is based off Haymarketrebel's 2011 photo on flickr. It shows the graffiti in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles which appeared
in the video for the Foo Fighters' 2011 single, "Walk". [via @brandonstosuy]

We are all Dave Grohl now, and he is us.

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