May 2, 2014

Here Is A Baby Climbing Out Of A Clock


Rather than use the snapshot of the page mentioned above, here's the original image, and McCrossen's caption:

Harry M. Rhoads, Child Stepping out of Clock, Charles C. Gates' House, Colorado, ca. 1916, Denver Public Library, Western History Collection.

Depictions of small children stepping out of clocks conveyed the sense of new beginnings that came with the New Year. Motifs such as this one were commonly found on New Year's greeting cards. When not set going on the Fourth of July, public clocks often made their debut at midnight on New Year's Eve. The second child born to the rubber and tire magnate Charles Gates, Hazel, is pictured here stepping out of a large tall-case clock on the stairway of a mountain chateau.

Also from the Rhoads Collection: a "Stork Party," an old-timey term for a baby shower, at the Gates' chateau. Here are a couple of the kids standing in the doorway of the house, which was [is?] at Bear Creek, in Jefferson County, CO. Gates' son Charles Jr. expanded the business, the Gates Company, and also the Cody Company, and died in 2005. Here is Charles Jr. and his brother with one of the Rhoads girls riding a handpainted Sicilian donkey cart. The family would later take a controlling interest in LearJet.

image and caption via Marking Modern Times: A History of Clocks, Watches, and Other Timekeepers in American Life [amazon]

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