April 9, 2014

Area Playgroup Entertains Foreign Family On Dole


While Australia is intercepting needy refugees at sea by the boatload and storing them on some [other] remote prison island, friendly neighboring New Zealand is taking a different approach. The nationa-wide family support agency Plunket recently arranged a playgroup visit for a young foreigner family on government support whose only child has not had much chance to interact other babies.

It is assumed that through such early interventions and regular professional followup, the undersocialized child might one day grow up to be a well-adjusted, productive member of society.

HAHA JK he's going to be the king of England!

Prince George embarks on (grumpy) first crawl-about in New Zealand [independent.co.uk]
Plunket | We provide a caring, professional well child and family and whānau service. [plunket.org.nz]

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