March 28, 2014

We Go To The Gallery Is Awesome, Facing Insane Copyright-Fueled Doom


Here's another Kickstarter I'm slow to write about, and this one is facing dire consequences. Artists Ezra and Miriam Elia's critique of the contemporary art world is called, We Go To The Gallery. It's a parody of the Ladybird Books, the UK version of Dick and Jane, only instead of Dick, they have Peter. Different words for everything over there.

Anyway, Penguin is the current copyrightholder on the Peter and Jane series, and they're demanding that the Elias destroy her book because it infringes on their intellectual property, and because it has adult content [which, yes, it really does] that somehow warps the fragile little minds of Penguin's customers from afar.


On the webpage where you'd normally be able to buy the book, Elia and her brother have posted a statement decrying and defying Penguin's demands, and asking for support.

We Go To the Gallery- limited edition book pre-order for £20.00 is not currently working []
Penguin Group Targets Artist Over Satirical Art Book

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