March 28, 2014

Glam Rockers' Kids Always Have The Nicest Names, Songs, Palazzo Pants Photo-Ops


In June 1971, three weeks after their son Zowie was born, David and Angie Bowie took a stroll for paparazzo Ron Burton. The resulting photographs are the second coolest thing that resulted from Zowie's birth: #3 is the song "Kooks," which Bowie wrote for the kid, and which is rather touching, but also not really a masterpiece. Though unless you can suggest a better song written for a kid, maybe we have to say it wins its category.

Anyway, #1 is obviously the kid's name itself. Even though it wasn't really his name, and he ditched it for his birth certificate name almost as soon as he got around kids his own age, Zowie Bowie is awesome. Ahead of his time.

Mr and Mrs Bowie Take Three-Week-Old Zowie For A Walk [retronaut via dt reader josh]

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