March 25, 2014

Buddhist Publicist Dad Ready To Renounce 95% Of Nothing

The BBC reports that the "Boss of £1m firm will give it away to be a full-time dad."

He was a publicist for the Dalai Lama and TED and the Prince of Wales. For just £10,000, he will "hand over" 95% of the shares in his company, plus his business contacts, plus he will "mentor the new boss for a year."

All so he can spend more time with his kid. And write a book about his kid. His kid is turning one. He may consult part-time himself for "a Buddhist leader in India to supplement his income."

Oh, right, he's already taken off a year, and he let all the clients and employees of the firm go, and he told all his employees to work for their clients as freelancers. A year ago.

So, yes, technically, there is no actual operating, functioning, revenue-generating business at this moment. Which is a great opportunity! See, as he tells the BBC, "Staff will not be rehired next month so the new head can start with a clean slate and no overhead costs."

Finding a new person will be a five-step process, he said, including tweeting about what leadership means to them, filling in an application, submitting a business plan and attending an evaluation day.
Which is only four steps. But then, he readily admits, numbers were not his strong suit. His talent is getting the BBC to go along with his scam to get some twitterer to pay him £10,000 for his old contacts list.

Boss of £1m firm will give it away to be a full-time dad [bbc via dt reader nathan]

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