March 21, 2014

DT Friday Freakout: Helicopter Edition

The DT Friday Freakout is here to ruin your weekend with a roundup of headlines from the worlds of science, health, parenting, politics, and France:

  • An Indian couple in a rough Northern Paris suburb is being investigated for child neglect. Authorities think their two sons have never left their apartment, and they seemed to care even less about their newborn daughter. Wait, Le Parisien reports there are three boys and one baby girl. [bbc, and le parisien via dt sr wild child correspondent dt]

  • Harvard says low-fat milk not necessarily all that; whole milk fine for some. []

  • 3yos remember someone they met once when they were 1yo. There's no escape. [bps]

  • We're all horrible helicopter parents damaging our children with our paranoia, and adventure playgrounds are our only hope. [theatlantic via everyone]

  • Oh, and dads are even worse, because we're the real kidnappers. [theatlantic again]

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