March 19, 2014

Did You Take Your Kid To See Nymphomaniac This Morning?

I think the last time we tried to take a newborn kid to see a movie it was Million Dollar Baby. It felt awkward and depressing as hell, and I was only too glad to take the kid out when she started wailing. Ultimately, it wasn't the mom-demo-heavy movie selection, or the "Mommy & Me" branding that turned me off: it was all the other peoples' kids. So noisy.

Anyway, if you took your kid to the Landmark Sunshine Cinema's Rattle & Reel screening this morning of Lars von Trier's explicit Shia Labeouf vehicle Nymphomaniac, I'd be slightly interested to hear how it went.

And if you could get in touch again in 15-20 years, I'd love to hear if the experience left any discernible psychosexual scars on your infant child.

Landmark Theaters Invites You To Bring Your Child To See Nymphomaniac [gawker]


Sunshine also has this page which says NO ONE UNDER 18 WILL BE ADMITTED.

Just like bars, which—hey, what if bars had kids-friendly programming, too? Babies & Booze? Maybe shift all the stroller traffic to the morning. It's win-win!

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