March 13, 2014

O Manhatta, Get Your Damn Measles Vaccinations!

City of the World (for all races are here)
City of tall facades of marble and iron
Proud and passionate city.
When million-footed Manhattan unpent,
descends to its pavements.

And spreads measles to vulnerable children because you are not vaccinated, or because you are WTF choosing not to have your kid vaccinated, or you're not paying attention, and BAM MEASLES.

There have been 19 cases of measles reported in New York this year. NINETEEN. Nine are children. Four are too young to be vaccinated yet, and so depend on the immunity of the people around them. Whoops.

Three, ages 12-15mo, have gotten the first vaccination, but measles needs a second shot. It's normally given when a kid's 4-6yo, but health officials are saying everyone in the affected communities should get their second shot immediately. "Two others had not been vaccinated by parental choice."

All the more reason to make sure your kid gets vaccinated, because there are people out there choosing not to vaccinate, and their kids are like little viral vectors of heightened risk. Damn, people.

Measles Outbreak in NYC Grows by 3 Cases to 19 Total []

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