March 12, 2014

Typing By Michael Dumontier And Neil Farber


I'd seen the various editions that artist/blogger/Canadian/dad Michael Dumontier had published with Paul + Wendy Projects. But I confess I didn't realize the Typing edition, the unique, hand-typed prints which he and Neil Farber started in like 2012, were still going so strong.

And so my karmic consequence involved surfing through all 548 Typings to find the one above, which Matt from RO/LU posted a little while ago. It was #440. Alas, it's already sold, but wouldn't that be an incredibly devious mindgame of a thing to file away in some box, to be left for your kids to stumble across after you're dead, and they're sorting through all your stuff? Damn. If you're nervous, you could stick a Post-It note with "Naahhh," or "jk" or whatever on it.

Anyway, along the way, I found a couple of other kid-related Typing prints, equally edgy, but maybe slightly less destructive to your kid's psyche:

#192: The correct answer to anything a child says is "who cares?"

OK, maybe that one's a little harsh, too. But it's available. How about #172, When I was a baby?


#172: "Mother, I know very little of this
world, but I know you and I know milk
and these are the things I like most."

An easier way to surf through Dumontier & Farber's collaborations is to visit their blog, Personal Message. It's full of Typing, paintings, and books. Don't get behind.

Typing, by Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber, $50 ea. [paulandwendyprojects via ro/lu]
Ranking the Children [personalmessageblog]

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