March 12, 2014

One Baby To Another Says: Nirvana For 2yos

Jason Kottke pointed to Thomas Beller's New Yorker post about introducing his 2yo son to Nirvana.

Though the lyrics start with babies talking to each other, Nevermind's "Drain You" is kind of a creepy, angsty song [Nirvana, duh], and Beller's kid gets kind of freaked out by it. What happens next will, uh, give you some ideas for when you listen to some classic song that you didn't realize your kid may not have been prepared for:

In my years teaching creative writing, I have encountered scenes about fathers' sentimental moments with their favorite music. One woman wrote about her father lying on the floor of the den and blasting Bruce Springsteen. At the time, I thought it was a bit cringe inducing. But now, having entered their ranks, I am inclined to forgive the dads and their music. I have always been an enthusiast, and sort of foolish about the music I love. For a period of time, I was very into Nirvana. It seemed that they were saving the world of music from itself, as well as saving the culture at large from itself.
Thomas Beller | Nirvana for Two-Year-Olds [newyorker via kottke]

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