March 9, 2014

Much Ferrari So Not Bad: Ferrari FF With Booster Seat


It's right there! Behind the glare! Can you see it?? No, of course you cannot. But it is there, I swear. We pulled into McDonald's in McLean, VA yesterday afternoon on a post-Girl Scout cookie run, and parked next to the first Ferrari FF I've seen in the wild. And, just as expected, it had a car seat in the back.


Actually, it was a booster seat, a grey Cosco backless Leo, $20, nothing to it.

The FF looks much better in person than I expected. In fact, it was kind of refreshing, beautiful, even. And it looked very nice in the Scion-ish gray, a real family car. It was so tasteful, that taking too many pictures of it felt kind of tacky, so this is all I got.

I tried and failed to spot the Ferrari Family inside McD's, though, which makes me think the FF is reaching a new, less pimpish clientele. And it turns out the driver was a grandfather with three grandsons, around 5-12yo, and no one quite knew how to operate the touchscreen system. They were all still poking at the dash as we pulled out, Ferrari's 2+2 demographic mystery still intact.

You're With Me, Leather: The Ferrari FF Car Seat

Buy a Ferrari FF 2+2 with a Cosco backless Leo booster seat, around $399,020 [amazon]

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And to think that people buy Ferrari branded booster seats. Kudos to this grandfather. It's rare that the same person who realizes that a car is truly special (and worth $300K) is also a person who realizes that every booster seat is pretty much the same.

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