March 6, 2014

How Music For How Crayons Are Made Was Made

Now the story can be told. In 2008, Daddy Types set out to find out once and for all who composed the music on the classic Sesame Street clip, "How Crayons Are Made."

What we find will not surprise you, I hope, because the mystery's been solved for years now. It's Richard Harvey. Part of the confusion results from the use of parts of two tracks: "Dragonfly Dance" is the bread on the "Exchange" sandwich. Harvey reissued digitally remastered versions of his early work in 2009.

And just last night, for the restless compleatists among us, Harvey has posted a making-of video to YouTube, where he breaks down the 16 tracks on each song to show how they were made. This is possible at all because Harvey rescued the original master tapes from a dumpster when his old recording studio was being dismantled. If only the creators of Pinball Number Count had done the same. Sigh.

Watercourse and Exchange - from How Crayons are made [youtube, thanks Marvin in Harvey Studio]
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